Video demonstration of the Oscar EMR integration with ClinicAid for provincial medical billing in Canada. To integrate ClinicAid with Oscar 12.1 you (or your Oscar Service Provider) will need to contact us at for the code required to get ClinicAid working with your Oscar installation. For future versions of Oscar we plan to have the integration included in the Oscar source code so turning on ClinicAid will be as easy as setting a value in your properties file.

all database and we get one actually quite regularly NBC


I'm so you can use our I'm stock referral


arm database when creating invoices so


under there for ID for from practitioners you can just type in a




and I you know all of the referral practitioners that match that will show


up you can search by name or by number


I can also add your own are her fellow practitioners in a min system here

10:46so if I could mentor for all providers arm I can add a referal provider
10:50like that and i cant get my name 10:53and click Save and 10:57now when I create invoices August referral practice shows up by 11:01I am at the top my list with little star beside it 11:06so I can see lots of options for managing hour for all practitioners 11:11in your particular problems so aside from an integration of our Oscar %um are 11:15we actually have 11:16immigrations and better with two other in our systems I one being 11:20docs podiatry and another for revolution in HR which is an optometry11:24and I'll electronic record system11:27I that is becoming quite popular and we're always looking11:31to integrate with other earmarks of course arm11:35I hope you found it useful and partisan