Billing for a newborn without a PHN (personal health number, registration number or ULI) in Alberta differs in ClinicAid depending on wether the patient is in-province or out-of-province.

1. In-province newborn claims:

For in-province claims the mother's PHN will need to go in the Guardian Registration Number field for the claim. You can add this directly to the baby's patient record OR if you already have the mother's PHN in ClinicAid you can just leave the baby's patient record void of a PHN and add it into the bill manually in the advanced tab of the invoice. 

For newborns you must also select a newborn code on the advanced tab. 

With the selection of a Newborn code in ClinicAid you will also be prompted to enter a service recipient data segment on the demographics tab with a guardian ULI which would also just be the mother's PHN.

2. Out-of-province claims:

For out-of-province claims, aside from #1 above, the bill also needs to be set properly for out-of-province claims. This will happen automatically in ClinicAid when you select an out-of-province Healthcare Type for a patient. Specifically, if you're setting up your bill manually for out-of-province claims, the "recovery code" will need to be changed to the appropriate province, the mother's PHN will go into the registration number field, and in the service recipient data segment the mother's PHN will go in the Guardian Registration # field instead of the Guardian ULI field.