The OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program) billing cycle for physicians happens once per month. 

The official cut-off for claims processing is generally on the 18th of each month at 5:00 EST but may occur on varying days due to holidays or other factors. This is a "soft" cut-off date as claims will continue to be processed by OHIP on later days in the month (time permitting) but are not guaranteed to be processed after the official cut-off. If a claim is not submitted by official cut-off is may  not be assessed until the next monthly billing cycle.

Your official remittance advice will be available and will be automatically imported into ClinicAid near the beginning of the month, usually around the 5th but generally by at least the 7th of the month. When the remittance file is available you will see the remittance report in your reports interface in ClinicAid and your claims will automatically update with the received information.

Claims processed in a remittance will be paid out by the 15th business day of the month but generally we see payment dates for physicians being around a week after remittances are received.