Sometimes in Alberta a bill for an out-of-province patient is rejected because a patient has received in-province health care coverage and an Alberta provincial health care number has been given to them. To handle these rejections you shouldn't need to create new bills, you just need to edit the bill and re-configure it for the new health information and resubmit.

The best way to do this is to start by editing the patients information. To do this go to "Manage Patients" and search for and then edit the patient whose health information changed. Enter the new provincial number in the "Health Number" field and be sure to also change "Healthcare Type" to the right province (Alberta in this case). Once this is complete click the "Update Patient" button. This will ensure that any further bills created for this patient will have the correct information but it will not automatically update previously created bills in your ClinicAid account.

Next, go to the bill that was rejected and click to edit it. Then on the far right of the screen beside the Patient Information box you will see a little "reprocess" icon that looks like this:


When you click this icon it will pull the most current patient information into the bill for this patient and then you can save and send the updated invoice. If you would like to make sure that the "reprocess" button worked as promised you can go to the Advanced tab of your bill and check that the Health Number and Recovery Codes are set correctly like this:


Please note the following:

- For out-of-province reciprocal billing the recovery code will be set to the appropriate province

- For in-province patients the Recovery Code will be blank

- For out-of-province patients the "Registration Number" field will be filled in with the patients' PHN

- For in-province patients the "Health #" field will be filled in with the patients' PHN

Using the advanced tab you can can also update your bills manually by editing these fields instead of editing the patient record and then using the reprocess button, however, if you do this any subsequent bills created for this patient will have the old, incorrect information that exists in the patients record.