If you are seeing a patient for the same service code on the same service date, or alternatively to submit a bilateral procedure with a service code that only covers a single procedure, Teleplan has several requirements.

Firstly a claim note explaining the 2nd visit, as well as the start and end times for both visits. The fields to enter this information when creating your invoice in ClinicAid can be found under the 'extra fields icon':

Submitting Invoices for Second Visits on the Same Service Date

The second requirement will be that the second invoice will have to be sent as 'Submission Code' "D - duplicate". To update the 'Submission Code', this is located under the 'Advanced' tab:

Please note the 'Advanced' tab applies to all line items in an invoice, so to successfully bill the second procedure you would either have to start a new invoice for the second procedure, or create as per usual, and then edit the 2nd generated invoice with the correct claim notes, and submission codes.

In the instance of a bilateral procedure, all of the same steps still apply, however, the claim note can be as simple as 1 of 2, and 2 of 2 on the first and second invoices respectively, as well a start and end time are not required.