Applying for MC EDT/ GO Secure

If you are not yet set up for submitting through the MC EDT system you will need to register for an account before you may begin to submit your bills in ClinicAid. You should have received a letter in the mail with instructions on how to get an MC EDT account. If you haven’t received a letter, please contact the OHIP Service Support Centre at 800-262-6524 or via email at to get your account started.

1. To complete the GO Secure Registration process, close any open Internet browser sessions before opening up a new Internet Explorer browser session and key in

2. At the GO Secure Login screen, select 'Register Now'

3. Begin the Registration: Step 1 of 2 by entering your first name, last name and email address, then select "Next"

4. At the Registration: Step 2 of 2 screen, enter your active email address in the GO Secure ID field. (An email address can only be associated to one GO Secure account)

5. Enter and confirm your password

6. Choose 3 questions and enter your answers

7. Select "Register" and at the GO Secure Terms and Conditions of Use, select "Accept"

8. At the GO Secure Login - Registration Complete screen, close the Internet browser

9. Go to your email and click the link provided on the system generated email from GO Secure, then close your email account and Internet browser.

10. At the GO Secure Login screen, key in your GO Secure ID (email address) and password then select "Sign In"

11. At the GO Secure Login - Email Validation screen, select here

12. At the Identification screen, choose either "New User" or Migrating User" from the drop down menu (based on what is indicated in your ministry letter) and select 'Continue'

13. At the Acceptable Use Policy to Access the Claims Services Branch (CSB) Services screen, select 'Accept'

14. At the 'Success' screen, select link to logout of the session and close your Internet browser. Open a new Internet browser and type

15. At the GO Secure Login screen, enter your GO Secure ID ( email address) and password and select 'Sign In'

16. When the Administration and MOHLTC Services screen appears, your enrolment is complete and you may begin to use MC EDT to upload to download


Managing Your GO Secure

You will be required to update your user generated password every 120 days. When you are notified that your password needs to be updated by email you will need to update this on the GO Secure website.

Step 1 : Go to the GO Secure website and log in using your current User ID and password

Step 2: Update your password to something new and confirm.

Step 3: Once you have created a new password, you will need to update your GO Secure credentials in ClinicAid under the Admin settings.

Step 4: Enter your new GO Secure password and click save. Your new password will go through a validation process that typically takes 5 to 10 minutes.