Getting Started with Teleplan

Before you can submit your claims to the MSP billing center via Teleplan, you need to get an MSP Billing Number from MSP of BC and a Data Centre Number from Teleplan.

How to enroll with BC MSP and obtain a MSP Billing Number

If you are not enrolled with MSP and do not having a billing number yet

1. Learn about your eligibility requirements

2. Choose either Opted-in or Opted-out option

3. Fill out the practitioner registration form HLTH 28448 to receive your MSP billing number and indicate your option on the form.

4. Fax or mail this form to the address indicated on the form

Applying for additional Payment Numbers

If you want to join more than one Data Centre Numbers you will need to apply for additional payment numbers. To receive an additional number complete the Application for Additional Payment Number form and mail or fax it to the address indicated on it. You can contact your rep at to receive a approved copy of the form.

Applying for a Data Centre Number and Enrolling with Teleplan

ClinicAid and OSCAR billing are built to connect to the BC Ministry of Health’s Teleplan electronic file transmission system. In order to connect your account to Teleplan you will need to have your payee number (most often your MSP number) connected to a Teleplan data centre number. There are two options for this:

  1. connect your payee number to your own data centre number
  2. connect your payee number to our data centre number

To establish MSP Teleplan setup by establishing your own data centre practitioners must apply through the Application for Teleplan Service HLTH 2771. To complete this form practitioners must previously have a practitioner number or submit a Practitioner Registration Form HLTH 2848 to receive their practitioner number. Practitioners will have to submit the Agreement with MSP for MSP to pay money directly to them rather than their patients. An Application for direct bank deposit from MSP HLTH 2832 must also be submitted to enable direct deposit.


Claims can be submitted for services that were performed at different locations under the same Data Centre. Forms can be submitted by fax or by email.