Applying for a BA

A business arrangement (BA) is an agreement with Alberta Health and Wellness to establish the arrangement for payment of health services provided. In order to claim for services, all practitioners registered with Alberta Health and Wellness must be part of a BA.

A contract holder is considered a person, organization or professional corporation entering into a BA with Alberta Health and Wellness.

To submit claims in ClinicAid your BA will need to be attached to our submitter prefix Cloud Practice Inc., prefix: CPI by completing the New Business Arrangement (BA) Request and faxing it to the address indicated on the form or emailing it to .

Under Business Arrangement (BA) Information, you can select how you wish to receive statements of assessment and how you would like to attach your direct deposit information.

  • Type“Me” to send statements to the business mailing address on record associated with your PracID. 
  • Type “My PC/Clinic” to send statements to the PC/clinic, and provide the PC/clinic information.
  • Type“Suppress” if you obtain a copy of your statement from your accredited submitter and do not wish to receive a hard copy from Alberta Health.

Business Arrangement Ba Request

To ensure all your claims are covered with your new BA, you'll want to backdate the Effective Date to cover all service dates, so for example, if you have claims to submit from the beginning of the month and you are applying mid month, ensure your effective date is the 1st of the month.

Business Arrangement Ba Request

Under Skill that will be used on most claims, you'll want to select your skill code ie Anesthesiology, General Practice, General Surgery, etc.

Connecting to an existing BA

If you already have an unattached BA you can attach it to our submitter prefix by completing the Submitter/Client Relationship Form.

All forms can either be faxed or mailed to Alberta Health and Wellness at the address indicated on the form. Or emailing it to .

You are able to apply for an unlimited number of BAs so applying for a new one to attach to our prefix will not affect any of your other BAs.