Cancelling an incorrect claim that has already been paid

A debit request is the process of cancelling a claim that has already been paid out to the practitioner. To do so you will need to locate the settled claim in the 'Manage Invoices' section of ClinicAid. View the invoice, then click on "Unsettle".  Once it's unsettled, you can use the Debit Request button that appears on the top right of the page. You will be prompted to add a Debit Request Reason before resubmitting the claim.

You can alternatively resubmit the claim as a debit request by choosing to 'edit' the claim and changing the Submission Code on the Advanced Tab to "E - Debit Request" and including the reason for debit request in the Claim Note section.

Resubmitting corrected claims

Since debit requests are processed twice monthly during Adjudication stage along with regular claims it is best to submit corrected claims only after you receive your remittance showing that your account was debited. This will avoid the claim from being refused due to the system showing them as paid. With this, a debit request typically causes payment to be delayed for one billing period.

You can also resubmit corrected claims in the same billing period as the debit request if you include a note indicating that it corresponds to a specific debit request for another claim. However, claims that include notes are most often manually reviewed and can take longer than the two week processing period.

Zapping a claim

If you discover that your claim submission contains incorrect billings could can "zap" the claim to be returned to you for correction before it is processed if you notify the Teleplan Support Centre by 5:00 pm on the same business day that the claim was created.

The claim will be returned to you the next day with the explanatory code FC. If you contact the Teleplan Support Centre after they close on the same day you created the incorrect claim you will be asked to specify the Data Centre, Payee Number and Sequence Number. The records will be rejected but not returned until after MSP issues your next remittance statement. The claim will also contain the explanatory code FC.