Each Data Centre Number comes with a Teleplan password and login name in the format of ttut + the four digits of your Data Centre Number.

Your password will expire every 42 days and you will have to go update your Teleplan Password either using the Change Teleplan Password feature in ClinicAid, or through the Teleplan Website.

How Do I Set or Change My Teleplan Password

Teleplan not working

If you forget your Teleplan password or it has expired you will need to call Teleplan support to have it reset for your Data Centre Number. Teleplan will provide you with a temporary password which you will need to update by logging into the Teleplan Web Access site before you will be able to continue with any billing.

After three unsuccessful attempts at logging in or when your password expires, your Teleplan account will be locked out. You will need to contact Teleplan support to have your password reset.

Once you have updated your password through the Teleplan Web Access site you will be required to enter your new Teleplan password in ClinicAid before you continue with your MSP billing.

How Do I Set or Change My Teleplan Password