The schedule feature of ClinicAid can be accessed by clicking on the Schedule button in the left menu of your ClinicAid screen. If you are currently using ClinicAid in company with an EMR and do not require a built-in schedule you can turn this feature off in your Admin settings under Addons.

Creating Appointments

To create an appointment click on the time slot on the appropriate date on the schedule. A popup window will open where you can edit the date and time of the appointment, select the status and add a description. To connect the appointment to a patient in ClinicAid, begin typing the patient's name in the patient field to trigger a drop down menu where you can then select the appropriate patient. Select Create to add the appointment to the Schedule.

You can change the appointment status by clicking on the left icon and create an invoice for the appointment by clicking on the dollar sign icon.

Adding Appointments

To make any changes to the appointment you can click on it, make any changes, and then select either Modify or Modify & Bill if you wish to create an invoice. You can also delete the appointment from this screen by clicking the red delete button.

To change the view of your schedule you can select from the Time Interval drop down menu at the top right of the schedule. You can also choose from Day, Week, Month and Group views.