Before you are able to create your own schedule in ClinicAid, you will need to make sure the scheduling addon is activated on your account. You can easily check by looking for the "Schedule" tab on the left side menu when you are logged in your ClinicAid.

If the "Schedule" tab is not present, go to the Admin tab, and then to Addons. Make sure the Scheduling is turned On. If the option to turn it on is not available, please contact us, and we will activate it for you.

Creating a Schedule

To create your schedule, go to the"Preferences" tab, then to "Schedule Admin". This page will let you customize your schedule to fit your specific needs. We recommend starting the set up of your schedule by the bottom of the page for the best customized experience.

a) Appointment Statuses

Your Appointment Statuses can be customized to fit your needs. In order to edit a current status, just click on the edit button (the pencil icon). If you want to add a new status, click on "Add Appointment Status".

The "Rotation Order" is the order in which the status of your appointments will change in your schedule. Pre-setting it allows you to change the status of your appointments with a single click from your Schedule tab. The rotation starts with the lowest number, and goes in numerical order.

b) Availability Types

These are also customizable. They represent the typical appointment lengths that are booked within your practice, and will be used to create a schedule template. Again, the edit button will let you change the details related to an Availability Type while the "Add Availability Type" button lets your create your own.

c) Availability Templates

These templates represent what an average week looks like. You can create as many as you want. Follow these easy steps to create a template:

  1. Click on "Add Availability Template". A weekly calendar will come up.
  2. Name your template in the field at the top of the page.
  3. Select an Availability Period by clicking in a slot of your calendar. You can then set up the start and end times, the days of the week, the availability type as well as the availability interval. Once filled, click "Save". You can add multiple periods in the same templates, with various availability types and intervals. To edit any mistake, or to make changes to your template, either click on the period to bring up the edit menu, or move the period around using your mouse.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your template, click on "Create Template". Your template is now saved.

d) Schedules

Once you have created you Availability Templates, you can start creating your schedules.

  1. Click on "Add Schedule"
  2. Select the Schedule Type. A provider schedule is for your providers. A resource schedule might be for a special room, or other resources in your practice. Select the provider, or add in the resource name as required.
  3. Select the Default Appointment Status. This is the status that will show when the appointment is entered in this schedule. Click "Create"
  4. Click on the schedule icon (the little clock) beside the provider's name to open the schedule.
  5. Select the Availability Template, the start and end date.
  6. Click "Create". Your schedule is now saved.

To see your schedule, click on the "Schedule" tab. You might have to change the "Schedule" on the top left if you have multiple schedules added for different providers.

Changing how your schedule displays

Each user of your ClinicAid is able to change how the schedule is displayed within their own ClinicAid instance. To change how the schedule is displayed, go to the "Preferences" tab, then to "Settings", and to "Schedules". Any changes made in this section will only affect the current user's defaults.

Booking appointments

To book an appointment, simply click in a time slot to open the booking menu. Fill out the appropriate information, and click "Create". Your appointment will now show in your schedule. To change the status of your appointment, click on the left icon on the appointment slot. The dollar sign icon will generate a pre-filled invoice with the patient and provider's information for easy billing.

This is a short video tutorial showing you how to set a schedule in ClinicAid from start to finish. Including creating an invoice template.