If you are unable to send invoices due to invalid connection details, there will be a message at the top of your screen warning you that we are unable to connect with your details.

Teleplan will expire your password every 42 days, making this the most likely cause of the message. You may also be locked out of your Teleplan account if there have been too many invalid attempts to log into your Teleplan acount. If this is the case you will need to contact Teleplan at 866.456.6950 option 3 for Teleplan, option 2 for provider support to get your account unlocked.

You can either click on the link as shown above in the warning message or navigate to "admin" from the left side menu, and "manage teleplan" to add your datacentre details.

If your password has expired and it just needs to be updated, you can follow the above steps, and click on the "change teleplan password" tab at the top of the page: