To set up an invoice to claim your Cumulative Preventive Care Bonus, you need to submit with the March 31st service date of the year you wish to claim with a patient with a blank PHN, Version Code, and Birth Date.

To do this, first, you need to create the patient through the 'Manage Patients' link from your left side menu, and click on 'add patient' from the top left

On the create patient screen, you will need to create a patient with a blank PHN and version code. To do this you will just need to create a patient with any name, such as 'cumulative bonus'. or 'bonus patient' etc. and make sure the Birth Date, PHN and Version codes are left blank

When you click 'create patient' you will get an acknowledgement required warning at the top asking you to confirm you want to create a patient without a PHN, hit the acknowledge and continue button.

Now that you have created your cumulative bonus patient, simply create a new invoice as per usual using this patient record, and bill with your applicable Bonus service codes with the service date of March 31st, and the year for which you are claiming.