MSP billing number (practitioner ID number) is provided to you when you begin billing through MSP. This number never changes and it stays with you forever. This will be the number that will be used as your referring practitioner number.

The Payee number tells MSP where to send payment for claims submitted under that particular number. By default, your payee number will be the same as your MSP number, it will only differ if for example you have set up a professional corporation that you will be billing to, or you wish to use multiple data centres, such as if you work at multiple clinics, all with their own EMR/billing software.

As described above, the payee will always by default be the same as your MSP number, however you can call Teleplan at 866.456.6950, option 3 for teleplan, option 2 for provider support to get any additional numbers you might have registered.

What S the Difference Between an Msp Billing Number and a Payee Number