In BC, you have 90 days from the service date to submit your claim to MSP. If you are over the 90 day claim period, you may submit a written request, with a detailed explanation for late submission. 

The request must also include the date range of the claims, number of claims, value of claims and the fee items involved.

**Please note that administrative issues such as staffing problems, clerical errors, lost or forgotten claims, system or service bureau problems do not qualify for an exemption.**

When a written application is approved for retroactive billing, the maximum period will be six months from the date of approval. Only in very exceptional circumstances will claims be approved beyond six months. In those exceptional circumstances due to system restrictions the maximum retroactive period granted will be 18 months. 

For more information you can contact the Practitioner and Patient Claims Support via phone: 1-866-456-6950.

Once you have gained MSP acceptance of your over-age claims, they need to be submitted with the submission code 'A'. To do this in ClinicAid, when you're creating your invoice, you would need to click over to the 'Advanced' tab, and then the first field will be a 'Submission Code' dropdown. Simply select "A - Post 90 day - Requested Pre-Approval" and then send the invoice as per usual.

MSP A submission code