Q: We are in the process of completing our application for Teleplan Service. The form is asking for Data Centre Information; New Data Centre, Joining Existing Data Centre, or Joining Service Bureau, how do I fill this section out and where do I get this information?

A: The Data Centre is Teleplan's own terminology for an account with them. You can either apply for your own Data Centre number, you can join an existing Data Centre (your company) or you can join a Service Bureau (ClinicAid).

  1. If you choose to apply for your own Data Centre, fill the "New Data Centre" part with your name and Contact number and fill out the System section (as seen below).
  2. If you will be joining an existing Data Centre or a Service Bureau, the Name and Data Centre Number will be required for the form. For the System section fill as below.

(If you are joining an existing Data Centre you will need to contact your admin for that information, including the Hardware information and the Billing Software information. ClinicAid will provide you with a prefilled form with our Data Center Information, Hardware and Billing Software information.)

Data Centre Information

Data Centre Information

Q: What are the pros/cons/differences in having my own Data Centre vs. sharing it with others?

A: If you get your own Data Centre, you'll able to "take it with you", so if you were to stop working with a partner or company, and open your own clinic, you'd be able to keep the same Data Centre number so you wouldn't need to apply for a new one. But if are a part of a group of physicians working at the same company and you leave, you will no longer have access to submit under that Data Centre Number.

If you want to join with our Data Centre, attached is a prefilled application form for Teleplan Service.

If you require further assistance you can contact Teleplan directly at 1-866-456-6950.