This occurs when we are unable to download your files from GoSecure. This can be due to invalid credentials, either expired password or the GoSecure account doesn't have designee permission to download from the set MUID (OHIP billing number or group number).

Normally this occurs because your GoSecure account does not have permission to download files for the OHIP number you for which you submitted the claim.

To set up and confirm designee permissions to a GoSecure account, follow the below steps.

Doctor / Group:

1. Log into GOSecure :
2. Key in your GOSecure ID (email) and password to log in
3. Click “Designee Maintenance” at the Administration & MOHLTC services screen
4. Key in name and email address of designee, select “Save”
5. Arrive at the Confirmation of Identity Screen, select “Confirm this Designation”
6. If more than one designee, repeat steps 3-5
7. Log out and exit the browser


1. Will receive email from GOSecure advising of the designation by doctor/group
2. Arrive at GOSecure log in, (designee) key in GO Secure ID (email) and password to log in
3. Accept designation
4. Log out and exit the browser

Final Step: Doctor / Group:

1. Log back into GOSecure
2. Click “Designee Maintenance” at the Administration and MOHLTC Services screen
3. Arrive at the Designated Accounts Screen (Designee's information will appear), under “Email” field (1st field) you will see the designee’s email address, click on the designee’s email
4. Arrive at the Service Delegation screen, select Service option “MC EDT Service Upload/Download”
5. Arrive at the MEDICAL CLAIMS ELECTRONIC DATA TRANSFER; Designate Permissions Page, click “Select All” ensuring all are check marked or check mark required boxes/permissions
6. Go to bottom of screen and click “SAVE”, when complete message “Saved Successfully” will appear

Once all these steps have been completed, the claims will remove themselves from the Requires Action section. This can take a few hours to a couple of days as the files are made available.