The "EH2" rejection code means that the invoice was submitted with an invalid Version Code. You can correct the version code and resubmit your claims following these steps:

* These steps are for ClinicAid standalone users only.

1) Go to "Manage Patients" and search for the patient. Click on the Blue box with a pencil to Edit the patient's chartHow to Fix Eh2 Rejections

2) Enter the correct version code and click on "Update Patient"

3) Go to the Requires Action tab found in Manage Invoices and click on the Blue box with Pencil to edit the invoice.

4) On the right, beside “Patient Information” click on the circle (Reload patient information into invoice). How to Fix Eh2 Rejections

This will update the invoice with the new version code you updated in the Manage Patient section.

*You can view this update by going to the “Advanced” tab.

5) Once you have confirmed you can send the invoice back to OHIP.

If you have multiple EH2 rejections, follow steps 1 and 2, then go to the Requires Action tab and check off all the EH2 rejections. When you have more than one selected the "Mass Edit" button will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on that and from the new pop up select "Re-Process Patient". This will update all those invoices you've selected at the same time. You can then either send all updated invoices or you can save them and send them at a later time.