If you have multiple physicians in your ClinicAid account with their own GO Secure account that they require for all of their file uploads and downloads it is possible to set up "Overrides" in ClinicAid.

Firstly, the GO Secure information that is entered under 'Admin' and 'Manage GoSecure' from the left side menu applies to all provider records in the account. We refer to this as the "Master GoSecure" If all of your physicians are set up to connect to a single group number you can enter the group gosecure here and we will be able to download files for all physicians.

If your physicians have given designee permission to the master account, each provider record will need to have an MUID override set in their provider record.

Setting up a GoSecure MUID Override

To set up a GO Secure override, you can navigate to 'Admin' and 'Providers' and edit the provider record that you need to set up the override for. At the bottom of the page there will be a toggle for "Override GoSecure Credentials", set that to "yes" which will open up the GoSecure Override on the right side of your screen.

Here you would set the toggle for "Use Account Wide Username/Password" to "Yes", which removes the option to add in a new gosecure account, leaving only the MUID field which you would enter with the physicians own billing number or group number that has given the master gosecure account designee permission

Setting up a full GoSecure Override

If your physician will be uploading and downloading from their own gosecure account, follow the same steps outlined above, except leave the "Use Account Wide Username/Password" toggle on "No". This will allow you to enter the physician's personal GoSecure username and password and MUID. This will ensure that ClinicAid is able to access this account to find all of the relevant download files.