ClinicAid allows for editing multiple invoices at the same time. This is useful when you have multiple invoices that have the same error that needs to be corrected. To perform a mass edit of your invoices, you would navigate to the "manage invoices" page from the left side menu, and select the relevant tab and search filters you need.

Clicking on the checkbox next to the service date column header, will highlight all invoices in your current view.

Clicking the "Mass Edit" button will give you a popup with 3 options:

  • Re-Process Patient will reload each patient's patient record into all invoices. This would update all selected invoices with any information you have changed, for example, changed an in-province patient record to out of province, this would update the invoice to be an OOP invoice accordingly.

  • Re-Process Provider will do much the same as Re-Process Patient, it will load any changes to the provider record into each invoice. In Alberta, for example if your BA information has been changed.

  • Choose Fields will all you to change nearly any single field, or multiple fields. This will include such common errors as being able to update the service date if it was incorrectly added and various province specific fields. To update more than one field, you can click the + symbol to add additional fields to edit

Once you have made your selection, you can click the save invoices button, the program will take a second to update all invoices, where you will then be told if they were successfully changed, if any failed, and the option to view why the update had failed. Note. invoice updating will only fail if there is something wrong with the selected input data, for example if trying to update with incorrect PHN info.

You will then be prompted to send your edited invoices: