You can keep track of your Active claims under the Manage Invoice Section. Below are the detailed descriptions of each tab.

NEW: Claims under this tab have been created and saved, these claims have not been submitted to the Ministry yet.  When claims are under this section you can still make changes to them before submitting them. You can do a mass send if you have more than one claim sitting in this section.

You'll want to click on the checkbox below the word New and once you’ve done that all claims will be selected and you can click on the green send all button at the bottom of the page.

REQUIRES ACTION: These claims have been rejected by the Ministry of Health. You will have an "Errors" column where you can quickly see the error codes. When you hover over the code you will get an explanation as to why they have been rejected. You can also click on view invoice to see the invoice and the error explanation. 

You do not need to create new claims to fix the errors in your claims. Just click on edit and make your changes, once changes are made you can resubmit your claim. 

**For Alberta Health Billing, the system will automatically change the Submission code to “C” for change or “R” for Reassess**

PENDING: Claims have been submitted to the Ministry and are waiting for approval. Once your claims are Pending there cannot be any changes made to them. 

BC billing: If you have submitted your claim in error and wish to 'cancel' it. You can call Teleplan and have them 'zap' your claim. You will require your claim number/ sequence number, your Data Centre and provider number.

PAYMENT DUE: These are Private Invoices that have been created but Payment has not been added to them. Once you receive payment for these claims you can adjust it in the invoice by clicking on Add Payment, once you add the full amount paid they will move to the “Settled” tab.

HELD: These claims are being held by the Ministry of Health for a manual review. Usually, because there has been text added or start and end times. We do not have control or information as to when they will approve these claims. 

If you have questions about your Held invoices you can call the Ministry of Health directly and they can give you more information. 

BC: 1-866-456-6950

ON: 1-800-262-6524


SK : 306-787-3454

SETTLED: These claims have been processed and paid. Once the Ministry accepts your claims and pays them, they will move from “Pending” to Settled. Under settled you can view invoices submitted to the Ministry of Health and Private Pay invoices that you have received payment for or any claim that you have settled.

ALL: This tab will include all invoices from each Tab. And when you have "unsettled" a paid claim it will be found in this section and have "Accepted" as its status.