Below are the instructions, on how to save your searches, under the Manage Invoice section. This will allow you to quickly recall your search queries and save you time. 

Start your search by typing into the desired search field (click on “+ more filters” at top of the screen to select more filters). The search boxes are lookup fields that can be typed into and some can also be selected through the dropdown menu. Click on the green “Go” button and then click on Save Report.

To easily recall your search queries, click on Search Report at the top left and select your saved search from the drop-down list. 



To edit an existing search, go to the Preferences section on the left panel click on  'Invoice Search Filters'. Once there you want to click on the edit button, it will bring you to the section where you can change your search fields and/or add and remove columns.


Preferences are unique to your login, so you can share your searches with other users in your account. To share your Invoice Search Filter, click on Preferences, click on Invoice Search Filter, and click on Share beside the filter you would like to share.