All Alberta Residents can request a "Statement of Benefits Paid" from Alberts Health Services. This statement lists all payments that were made by AHCIP to any physician for an insured health service.

For many reasons, a patient may not want to have their visit made available on this statement. If that is the case in ClinicAid, when you are creating the invoice for this particular visit, click on the "Advanced Tab" and you will find "Confidential Indicator". Switch that from NO to YES and this claim will be flagged as a Confidential Claim.

Confidential Billing for Alberta Residents

Some examples of services a patient may want to keep as confidential are:

  • Sexual assault treatment
  • Sexually transmitted disease treatment
  • Psychiatric treatment and services
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Gynecology treatment and services

NOTE: Alberta Health cannot guarantee that a confidential claim submitted through the reciprocal program will be acknowledged as such by the patient's home province.