If you want to add your Facility Number to claims that have already been paid to you, you must first send them to MSP as a Debit Request. Once your debit request has been processed, you can resubmit those claims with your new Facility Number.

To do a Mass Debit Request:

From the Manage Invoices set your filters to match the dates you want and the status (Settled), and click on the "ALL" tab.

You will get a list of all your invoices for that time period.  Select all your claims (empty box next to service date) and at the bottom click on "Unsettle". (You will notice that the status will change from "Settled" to "Accepted").

Now you'll want to do a Mass Edit of all those unsettled claims. Again select all your claims and click on Mass Edit.

From the next window select "Choose Fields".

From here in the first drop-down, select "Submission Code" select "Debit Request (E), and add a second field (green plus sign) and select "Claim Note", add your note and when completed click on "Save Invoices". Once those invoices have been updated you can click on "Send updated invoices".

Once MSP has reviewed and process these Debit Requests, they will come back with status "Deleted" and Error code "D0".

These are ready for resubmission.

Resubmitting processed Debit Requests:

From Manage Invoices, search "D0", and status "Deleted".

From here you will be settling these Debit Requests and duplicating them to be resubmitted with your Facility Number. 

  1.  Select all your claims and at the bottom select "Settle and Duplicate". The claims with status deleted will move to the "Settled" tab and the duplicated claims will be in the "New" tab.
  2.  In the "New" tab, select all your claims, click on "Mass Edit" and select "Choose Fields".
  3. In the first field select "Submission Code" and Regular (0).
  4. The second field select "Facility Number" and enter your Facility Number.
  5. In the third filed select "Claim Note", here you'll want to leave the field blank.

**The reason why you are choosing these three fields is that these claims are a clone of your initial debit request, and you want to update the relevant parts for this new claim to be accepted by MSP.**

Once these three fields have been selected, click on "Save Invoices" and once they have updated you can "Send all updated Invoices".