The non-patient specific ULI is used in place of a patient’s personal health number (PHN).


1) To create a Patient Record for a “non-patient specific ULI”:

First, go to the “Manage Patient” section. Put in the “non-patient specific ULI” in the “Health Number” box. Ensure the “Healthcare Type” is set to “Alberta”. Include the patient full name and date of birth. Then click the blue “Update Patient” button (Note: you can edit this patient record with the “non-patient specific ULI” if you need to use it for billing another patient).


2) To create an invoice using a “non-patient specific ULI”:

Go to the “Create Patient” section. Type in the "non-patient specific ULI" or patient name in the “Patient Information” box and select it. Then create the invoice as usual.

New ARP Service Codes for Clinical ARP Participating Physicians: