Your Teleplan password expires every 42 days. If your Teleplan password has expired, ClinicAid will not be able to connect with Teleplan and your claims cannot be submitted. Instead, ClinicAid will save your claims under the “New” tab in Manage Invoices.

To change your Teleplan password in ClinicAid, go to the "Admin" section in the left-hand menu and click on "Manage Teleplan". 

(only users with Super Admin role, will have access to this section.)

There you will change your password under "Change Teleplan Password", you will enter the old password and create a new one, following the Teleplan password Rules. Once you select "Change Teleplan Password" the password will be updated and you can continue on submitting your invoices.

We also have an “Auto-Update” feature, which will allow you to continue billing without having to worry about changing your password. Once you have valid credentials in the system, set 'Auto Update Password' and you'll never have to change your password again.

*Please note, that the Teleplan section can only be accessed or changed by users with Super Admin access roles.

How to get a Teleplan account.