These instructions are for users with "Super Admin" access only.

Your GoSecure password expires every 120 days. If your GoSecure password has expired, ClinicAid will not be able to connect with Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer (MC EDT) system and your claims cannot be submitted.  Instead, ClinicAid will save your claims under the “New” tab in the "Manage Invoices" section in the left hand menu.

To update your GoSecure Password, update it on the GoSecure Website and in ClinicAid.

To do so, follow these two steps:

1. Update your Password on the GoSecure Website:

You first need to go to the GoSecure website and log in using your current User ID and password. Next, update your password and confirm.  Be sure to follow the Password rules.

2. Update your Password in ClinicAid:

Once you have created a new password, you will need to update your GoSecure password in ClinicAid under "Manage GoSecure" in the "Admin" section in the left hand menu. Use the new password you just created on the GoSecure website. Please note it is case sensitive.

The password validation takes a couple of minutes, once the new password has been verified you can continue submitting your invoices through ClinicAid to OHIP.

**Only users with "Super Admin" access will have this section under Admin. If you do not have "Super Admin" access, you can change your GoSecure credentilas here.**