Coverage research for all provinces

If you are having difficulty obtaining your patient's out-of-province health number, you can try contacting the Ministry of Health directly. Below is each province's contact information.

British Columbia:

Phone: 1-800-742-6165

You can also mail or fax a coverage research form


By phone at the 24x7 service desk: 1-888-360-7530 (you must be registered for this service)


Phone: 1-888-422-6257 (in Alberta only)

Or through the Netcare website:



Phone: 1-306-787-3475


You must send a request by mail or fax

New Brunswick:

Phone: 1-888-762-8600

Nova Scotia:

You must fax a request on letterhead to 1-902-481-3160

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Phone: 1-866-449-4459


Phone: 1-902-838-0900

Northwest Territories:

Phone: 1-867-777-7400


Phone: 1-867-645-8001


You must fax the request along with the date of service to 1-867-393-6486

*Quebec is not part of the Reciprocal Medical Billing Agreement. Patients that have Quebec health coverage must pay upfront for medical services provided. They can get a reimbursement from RAMQ (Regie de l'assurance maladie) by submitting their receipts.