OHIP Claims, Service Support and MC EDT Helpdesk:


Health Card Verifications (Physicians):

  • Phone: 888-360-7530 (24/7 service, need to have a PIN, call or email 24x7@ontario.ca to register)

  • Phone: 800-265-6860 (IVR, call 800-262-6524 to sign up for a PIN).

  • Phone: 800-262-6524 (maybe able to do health card verifications without PIN).

Health Card Verifications (Patients, Physicians, and Staff):

  • Phone: 800.262.6524

Remittance Advice Inquiries (RAIs) & Supporting Documentation (manual review):

  •  Fax: 905-434-4186

Prior Approval Request Forms for Surgical, Dental and Sleep Studies:

  • Fax: 905-434-3712