For ClinicAid Stand Alone clients only:

Note: If you are using an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system (i.e. Juno, Revolution, etc.) add your patients in your EMR and not in ClinicAid.


In order to create and submit claims, you will need to link them to a patient’s Personal Health Number (PHN). This means that you will need to create patient demographic records in ClinicAid with your patients’ details before beginning to submit claims.


There are three ways to add new patients into your ClinicAid account, outlined below.


1) Doing a demographic import of patient records from a previous system


If you were billing through a different software prior to getting a ClinicAid account, it may be possible to import your patient data directly into ClinicAid so that you don’t have to manually enter each patient record into the system. We will need a copy of your data in a comma-separated value (CSV) format (generally an Excel spreadsheet-type format will work).


If you don’t have direct access to your patient data, you will need to ask your current or previous billing software provider for the export or, if the data is on a server within your office, we may be able to access it remotely.


Contact a ClinicAid toll-free at 1-888-686-8560 or via email at if you’d like to find out more about doing an import of your data.



2) Adding a patient record from the Manage Patients section


You can add individual patient records by navigating to the Manage Patients section in the left-hand side menu. This will probably be the most efficient way to add a batch of patients when you first begin using your new ClinicAid account.


Step 1: In the Manage Patients section, you will see two options for creating a new patient record:

Option 1: Click the green “Add Patient” button to open up the complete patient demographic form which will allow you to fill out all of the patient’s details.


Option 2: Click the green “Quick Patient” button to open up a shortened version of the complete patient demographic form. You can set which fields to display by default on this form in the Preferences > Settings > Patient Quick Forms section.


Step 2: Select whichever of the two options is best suited to your practice and begin entering the patient’s details. The Ministry of Health requires all claims to contain the following basic patient information in order for them to be processed properly:


Required Patient Information on Invoices


In Province

Out of Province (OOP)


PHN (only required by Ministry); DOB (for age-based codes); first and last name (at least first initial of first and last name required to save in ClinicAid).

First Name, Last Name, OOP PHN; Healthcare Type (province); DOB; gender; full address including postal code.

British Columbia

PHN; DOB (for age-based codes); first name (at least first initial); last name (at least first 3 letters).

First Name, Last Name, OOP PHN; Healthcare Type (province); DOB; gender; full address including postal code.


PHN; Version Code; DOB.

First Name, Last Name, OOP PHN; Healthcare Type (province); DOB; gender; full address including postal code.


PHN; DOB; gender; first name and last name.

First Name, Last Name, OOP PHN; Healthcare Type (province); DOB; gender; full address including postal code.


Step 3: Click the blue “Create patient” button to save the record once you have added the desired amount of information.

You can continue adding patient records by repeating this process.



3) Creating a patient record from the Create Invoice page


You can also create patient records directly from the Create Invoice screen. This method will be particularly useful once you already have your patient files set up and are adding new patients as you are doing the billing for them. It is also especially useful for physicians that don’t have regular patients.


When you click on the Create Invoice section in the left-hand menu, your cursor will automatically be in the Patient field. This field is a search that you can type patient names or PHNs into in order to pull up their patient record easily when creating an invoice. However, if the patient doesn’t already exist in your system, you will need to add them following these steps:


Step 1: Click on the "+" icon next to the patient field in order to open up the “Add a new patient” quick form.  



Step 2: Complete all of the desired patient information.



Step 3: Click the blue “Create Patient” button in order to save the record. This patient’s record will now join your other records in the Manage Patients section and will be searchable for future billing.


Once you’ve added patient records to your ClinicAid account, you’re ready to start creating invoices!

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