You can add lists of favourite service codes to your ClinicAid user account, this process will allow you to create invoices at a much faster rate. The same process can be done to create lists for Diagnostic codes. Please note that preferences are only set and viewed by the user who created them. You can share your favorites so others can use them.


Here is the step-by-step guide on how to add these to your user account.

  1. Click on  Preferences
  2. Go down to Service Codes 
  3. Create your group name i.e. ‘Hospital Codes’ and click on 'Create New Group'.
  4. Click on 'edit' to add your codes to the list 

You can also set your group as a Primary by clicking on "Set as Primary", this will make that group the first set of codes you see. You can also share your favourite codes list by clicking on "Share".




Once you click on “Edit”, you will be able to search your codes under the “Search for service codes” box. You can search by typing in the service code, or you can also search by typing in the name of your service code i.e. Counselling. When your code comes up, click on the plus sign to add to your list.



BC: Associated Codes

In BC you have Age Based Codes. 

To prevent claims from being rejected for using the incorrect service code for that age group, we recommend you add the Age Based Codes or “Associated Codes” to your favorites list. When these codes are selected under Create Invoice, the system will match the correct service code to the patient’s age 




You can make different groups of codes according to what you'd like to bill. When you are in 'create invoice' you will have your drop-down list of the groups you made.




To add a shared group to your user account follow these steps:

  • Click on  Preferences

  • Go down to Service Codes

  • From the drop-down "Add a shared service code group" select the group you'd like to add

  • Click on "Add Shared Group"