Adding times:

To add times to a claim, click on the 3 parallel lines to the right of the Date box. Then fill in the ‘Service Start Time’ and ‘Service End Time’ using the 24-hour clock. Enter times in the following format: 10:00 AM would be entered as 1000 and 3:00 PM as 1500.

Adding any other information to the claim:

Any other information that may be required on a claim, such as a claim note, different insurer type, and more can be set in the 'Advanced' tab on the 'Create Invoice' page. This is where specific claim information, such as rural retention code or service location, can also be changed. This is especially important if the claim requires information that is different from what is saved in the default provider record.


ICBC and WCB claims:

ICBC and WCB claims can also be processed through the Teleplan submissions system. In order to access the WCB tab, the 'Insurer Type' in the 'Advanced' tab will need to be changed to WCB.


Selecting ICBC as the insurer type will add an ICBC Claim Number field to the Advanced tab.


Other insurer types such as Pay Patient and Out Of Province:

Insure Type, Pay Patient option and Out of Province option, if selected, will provide access to the Patient tab.


The Out of Province option should be automatically selected for any patient that has their healthcare type set to anything other than BC in their patient demographic record. The Patient tab should also automatically prefill with the address and any additional information based on the out of province patient’s record in ClinicAid.