ClinicAid is built to connect directly to the BC Ministry of Health’s Teleplan electronic file transmission system. In order to connect your ClinicAid account to Teleplan you will need to have your payee number (usually your MSP number) connected to a Teleplan data centre number.

We recommend getting your own data centre number if you are not already attached to one. This will provide you with added flexibility when it comes to accessing the data you send to Teleplan through ClinicAid, without having to first go through our support reps for assistance.

If you do not have a data centre number, you can apply for one by completing the opted-in (HLTH 2820) or opted-out (HLTH 2771) Application for Teleplan Service form. For further assistance regarding data centre numbers, how they work, and how to complete these forms, please feel free to contact Teleplan or contact one of our support reps.

Once you have a data centre number that your payee number is attached to, you can input your credentials in the Admin section of ClinicAid by filling out the Manage Teleplan tab. You will need your:

Data centre #: the data centre number that your payee number is attached to, as registered with Teleplan. Please note that if you input a data centre number that your payee number is not attached to, your claims will be rejected.

Username: the username that you have been given by Teleplan once you call them to activate your account.

Password*: the password that you have set in your Teleplan account after activation. You will receive a temporary password from Teleplan when you initially call to activate your account. You’ll then need to log in via the Teleplan website and change your temporary password before entering it into ClinicAid.

*Please note: Teleplan requires you to change your password every 42 days for security purposes. You will need to update your password in ClinicAid every time you make changes to it in order to match Teleplan’s data.

Once you have saved your information into the Manage Teleplan section, you will see a “pending validation” message. Our system runs a validation approximately every 10 minutes to make sure that it can connect to the Teleplan system with the details you’ve entered. When the validation has run, you should see an updated message in either green or red letting you know that the information you entered is either valid or invalid. If your information is valid, you are ready to start submitting claims through ClinicAid!