Thanks for signing up with ClinicAid! We hope our web-based medical billing software will enable you to bill Alberta Health and Wellness quickly and easily!

Now that you’ve signed up, you should have already received your login details via email to access your account. You can start the process of setting everything up for billing by logging into your ClinicAid account.

Go to the homepage and click on the Login button. Enter your email address and password to access your account. We recommend using  Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for any of your ClinicAid activities as these are the browsers that will work best with ClinicAid. We don’t advise using Safari or Internet Explorer for your ClinicAid billing purposes.

Once you’ve logged in with your email and password, you will reach your Dashboard which should show three empty sections (Invoices Requiring Action, Billing Opportunities, and Unsubmitted Invoices) when you first start out.  You’ll need to set up your account fully in order to begin creating and submitting your bills properly through Alberta’s H-Link electronic submission system. This is a step-by-step guide to how to do just that! Please feel free to view our video tutorial that also goes over these instructions.

  1. Creating your Provider Profile:

             The first thing you’ll need to do to set up your account is to create a provider record for each                              physician that the billing will be done for in ClinicAid. If you’ve already been in touch with one of                     our support reps, this step may already be partially or fully completed for you. In case you                               haven’t had your provider accounts set up yet, here is what you’ll need to do: Creating Providers

           For details on how to fill out your provider profile in Alberta click here.

  1. Adding your first patients:

In order to create and submit claims, you will need to link them to a patient’s personal health number (PHN) which means that you will need to create patient demographic records in ClinicAid with your patients’ information. There are three ways to add new patients into your ClinicAid account: Creating Patients

  1. Creating your first invoices:

There are 5 main sections to complete in order to create and submit your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) claims properly. They are as follows: Creating Invoices

  1. Alberta Billing Cycle: 

The billing cycle in Alberta is one week long and follows this process: Alberta Cut off Dates and Remittance Periods

           Alberta Contacts and Additional Resources: Contact Information for Alberta Health