ClinicAid is built to connect directly to the Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer (MC EDT) system that is used for electronic claims submissions to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However, in order to connect the two, you will require a GoSecure account that is set up for MC EDT submission.

1.       Registering for GoSecure:

If you are not yet set up for submitting through the MC EDT/GoSecure system you will need to register for an account before you may begin to submit your bills in ClinicAid. You should have received a letter in the mail with instructions on how to get an MC EDT/GoSecure account. If you haven’t received a letter, please contact the OHIP Service Support Centre at 800-262-6524 or via email at to get your account started. 

Then follow the steps here: Registering for and Managing GoSecure

2.       Connecting ClinicAid to your GoSecure account:

Once you have your GoSecure account set up with your username and password, you can input this information in the ClinicAid in the “Admin” section in the left hand menu under “Manage GoSecure”. Click the green “Add GoSecure” button to add your information. Click on this link for more information. 

How to connect ClinicAid to GoSecure: Connect your ClinicAid Account to GoSecure

3.       Multiple GoSecure accounts:

If you have multiple physicians in your ClinicAid account with their own GO Secure account that they require for all of their file uploads and downloads it is possible to set up "Overrides" in ClinicAid.

How to set up multiple GoSecure accounts: Multiple GoSecure Accounts

4.       Updating your GoSecure Password:

Your GoSecure password expires every 120 days. If your GoSecure password has expired, ClinicAid will not be able to connect with MCDET/GoSecure and your claims cannot be submitted.  Instead, ClinicAid will save your claims under the “New” tab in Manage Invoices.

How to update your GoSecure password: Update your GoSecure Password