OHIP cut off for claim submissions is the 18th of every month (this is a soft cut off and as a courtesy OHIP may process claims beyond this date if have time). The Remittance Advice Report is available at the beginning of following month, typically between the 5th and 7th of the month.  Your payments are usually processed by the 15th business day of the month and a direct deposit is made or a cheque issued by OHIP (depending on how you have set it your payment with them). Your RA report will be automatically downloaded into your ClinicAid account, as long as your GoSecure credentials are valid.

Remittance Advice Report at a glance:

To view your RA report go to “Reports”, from here select “Remittance Advice List”

From here, you will see a list of your Remittance Advice Reports. The Remittance Report is broken down into sections for your convenience.

If you have multiple provider records in your ClinicAid account, you’ll be able to search by payee (OHIP billing number or Group Number) or search by the provider record.

What each column means:

  • Remittance Date: This is the date on which the Remittance Advice Report was downloaded.

  • Provider: The provider (physician) who provided the services.

  • Payee: This is the provider’s OHIP billing number, or Group number if submitting with a Group number.

  • Payment Date: The date OHIP will deposit your payment.

  • Total Payable: This is the amount you should be expecting on your deposit or cheque. This may be different from the ClinicAid payable for various reasons. Either because you’ve had a number of rejections, you have received a bonus or you have billed through another billing platform.

  • ClinicAid Payable: This is the total amount that was submitted through ClinicAid.

  • View Results: In this link, you will be able to view in detail the submissions included for this pay period.  In this section, you will be able to print the full report in PDF format or export it as a CSV file.

  • View Messages: In this section, you will see any messages from OHIP, which will include a summary of all your payments for the current fiscal year and any information on service codes or bulletins.

  • Accounting Transactions: In this section, you will find any bonus billings or any deductions OHIP has made.

You have the option of printing out your Remittance Advice inquiry List, which will be just the summary and not the detailed Remittance information.