The billing cycle in Alberta is one week long and follows this process:

●   Thursday: official cut-off is every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. Due to large volumes of claim submissions on Thursdays, AHS H-Link recommends submitting earlier in the week to ensure your claims are paid on time. 

●   Friday-Sunday: claims sent in before cut-off are assessed over the weekend, with a remittance file being sent back from the H-Link system by Sunday evening.

●   Monday: all updates to your claims will be reflected in ClinicAid by Monday morning.

●   the following Friday: payment is usually made the Friday after claims have been assessed (one week after cut-off).

Remittance Report: This is the electronic version of your Remittance Advice (RA) List from the Ministry including your claims billed through ClinicAid.

To view your RA, go to the left hand menu of ClinicAid, click on ‘Reports’, and select ‘Remittance Report’.

From here, you will see a list of your Remittance Advice Reports. The Remittance Report is broken down into sections for your convenience.

If you have multiple provider records in your ClinicAid account, you’ll be able to search by BA Number or search by the Provider record.

What each column means:

Remittance Date: This is the date your Remittance Advice List from Alberta Health is posted in ClinicAid. This is also the date your claims are updated in ClinicAid in the Mange Invoice section from Pending to paid (Settled) or rejected, underpaid, or paid at zero (Requires Action).

BA Number: This is the Business Arrangement (BA) Number.

Expected Payment Date: This is the expected date when you will receive your payments from the Ministry.

Paid Amount: This is the amount that you should be expecting on your deposit or cheque. This may be different from the ClinicAid payable for various reasons. Either because you’ve had a number of rejections, you have received a bonus or you have billed through another billing platform.

Total ARP time units billed: This is the Alternative Payment Arrangement (ARP) time units billed if you are doing ARP billing.

View Results: Here you can view the details of each invoice submitted and processed by the Ministry.