The billing cycle in British Columbia* runs twice monthly and follows this general pattern:

  • cut-off date: varies every month, but is generally during the first and third week. The official cut-off time is 7:00 p.m. PST. Claims received before cut-off will be assessed and included in the next remittance file posted.
  • remittance posted: generally within 7-10 days after cut-off, the remittance file is posted. The file is accessible as of 5:00 a.m. PST on the remittance date. ClinicAid will automatically get the file as soon as it’s available and will update the status of pending claims accordingly.
  • payment date: claims sent in before cut-off will be assessed and paid out within a few days after the remittance file has been posted (usually around the 15th and 30th of the month).

*Cut-off, remittance, and payment dates vary each month. An updated schedule can be found on the on our ClinicAid help portal here:

Remittance Report: This is the electronic version of your Remittance Advice (RA) List from the Ministry including all your claims submitted through ClinicAid.

To view your RA, go to the left hand menu of ClinicAid, click on ‘Reports’, and select ‘Remittance Report List’.

From here, you will see a list of your Remittance Advice Reports. The Remittance Report is broken down into sections for your convenience.

If you have multiple provider records in your ClinicAid account, you’ll be able to search by the provider record.

What each column means:

  • Payment Date: This is the date when you will receive your payments from MSP.

  • Billed Amount: This amount is what was submitted through ClinicAid.

  • Paid Amount: This is the amount that you should be expecting on your deposit or cheque. This may be different from the ClinicAid payable for various reasons. Either because you’ve had a number of rejections, you have received a bonus or you have billed through another billing platform.

  • Other: If you have submitted billing through another billing software this amount will show how much to expect.

  • Payee Number: This is the Payee Number.

  • View Remittance: Click on ‘View Results’ and you will see a detailed description of your invoice submissions. 

  • Unmatched: If you have submitted claims through another billing software, you can view the responses in this section. They show as “unmatched” as the system cannot match those claims with any associated claims in ClinicAid.

  • Messages: These are messages and updates from MSP.

  • Payee Summary: This is the Summary of your RA from MSP.

  • Adj: These are adjustments made by MSP. Here you will find your Business Cost Premium (BP) and other bonuses you received from MSP.
    For a description of other Payment Adjustment Codes click here: MSP Payment Adjustment Codes