Submitting Support Documentation:

In Ontario you can submit your claims for a manual review, this sometimes is necessary when you are submitting supporting documentation. Below are the instructions on how to add the manual review indicator to your claim.

  1. After adding your service codes, click on the “Advanced” tab

  2. Click on the Manual Review Indicator, so it turns to “YES”

  3. You will get a text box” Manual Review Notes”, if required, you can add a claim note to be included with your invoice. Please note that you will be required to print the invoice and fax it to the ministry (905-434-3712 ).

  4. Patients that are seen in the hospital will require an admission date which can be completed either in the patient’s record as a default admission date or can be completed here in the Advanced tab. They will also require the visit location to be set to the appropriate code (searchable by typing the name of the hospital in the field) and may also require a specific Service Location Indicator (SLI code) to be set (also searchable).

  5. Submit your supporting documentation to the Ministry via their GoSecure web portal via eSubmit.

Office Notes: These are meant to be for internal office use only. These notes are attached to the patient chart and they do not get posted on the invoices you create.

Stale Dated Claims:

The link below gives you step-by-step instructions on how to submit a Stale dated claim.