The first thing you’ll need to do to set up your account is to create a provider record for each physician that the billing will be done for in ClinicAid. If you’ve already been in touch with one of our support reps, this step may already be partially or fully completed for you. In case you haven’t had your provider accounts set up yet, here is what you’ll need to do.


Step 1: From the left-hand side menu, click on the Admin section.


Step 2: Click on Providers. You’ll need to set up provider records for the physicians the billing

will be done for.


Step 3: Click on the blue “Add a provider” button. 


Step 4: Complete the provider information, including: 


First and last name: the physician’s name’ 

Note: this isn't sent to Alberta Health, could also be used as an identifier if multiple provider records are set up for multiple locations.


Provider billing number: the physician’s 9 digit practitioner ID, as registered with Alberta

Health Services. Do not include the hyphen in the number (i.e. 1234-56789 becomes



Source code: any random two character code. We generally set this field to the initials of the physician (i.e. source code for Dr. John Smith could simply be JS). This code is sent to H-Link and can be used to identify billings when contacting their support department.


Skill code: the physician’s primary skill that is associated with their Business Arrangement (BA) number (i.e. skill code for an anesthesiologist will be ANES, skill code for a general practitioner will be GP, skill code for psychiatrist will be PSYC, etc.) This section is a search field so you can simply type in your specialty and you should be able to select the appropriate skill code from the results. If you’re unsure, Alberta Health will be able to confirm what you’ve registered your BA under. If you are using an alternate skill on a portion of your claims you can identify that on your invoices.


Business Arrangement number: a 7 digit number that you will receive directly from Alberta Health that is associated with a method of Payment. Do not include the hyphen in the number (i.e. 1234-567 becomes 1234567).


In order to submit through ClinicAid, your BA must be attached to our submitter name and prefix, which is Cloud Practice Inc.prefix: CPI. You can complete this information on the “The Accredited Submitter for this BA is” line in Section B of the Business Arrangement (BA) request form (AHC 11236). You will need to complete this form with your provider information if you don’t yet have a BA number or if you have one, but it’s attached to a different submitter.


If you have an unattached BA number already, you can attach it to our submitter prefix by completing the Submitter/Client Relationship for Electronic Claim Submission form (AHC 2096).


You can have an unlimited number of BAs so getting a new one that’s attached to our submitter prefix will not affect any of your other BAs.


Facility number*: each facility in Alberta is registered with a unique facility number. If you’ve just opened up a new facility, you’ll need to register it with Alberta Health in order to receive your facility number. Established facilities should show up in the search results once you start typing in the facility name and you can also save facility numbers that aren’t in our current list which we update about twice a year, but they must be valid facilities that have been registered with 

Alberta Health in order for the claims to be processed correctly. A facility listing with many of the larger facilities are available online if you’d like to consult it. 


Functional centre*: each facility has various functional centres within it that identify where in the facility the service was provided. These functional centres are generally corresponding with a physician’s skill code. Functional centres are usually 3 to 4 letter codes that identify these various locations within a facility. A definition of each of the codes is available in Alberta Health’s facility listing. If you’re unsure of which functional centre you provide services in, give Alberta Health a call to confirm.


*A physician may have multiple facility numbers and functional centres that they provide services in. The one set in the provider record should be the primary or default facility and functional centre. If you are working at many different facilities and functional centres with no defined or recurring schedule, it is also possible to leave this information blank and to complete it per bill or with the use of default invoices (invoice templates).


Step 5: Once you’ve completed all of the fields, click the blue “Create Provider” button at the bottom to save the record. You should see a new provider displayed in the account. To view, click the name of the provider or the little gray eye button to the right. 


To edit your provider record click the blue pencil icon to the right, edit the fields, and click the blue “Update Provider” button at the bottom.