Billing Opportunities Report

Billing Opportunities are triggered by the billing rules/guidelines set out by the Ministry on certain service codes, that can be billed once every 365 days, on service codes that allow tray fees and any bonus billing codes for example Chronic Care or Complex Care fee codes. 

*Some examples are but are not limited to:

BC:14050, 14033, 14043, and 00044

AB :03.05JA, 03.08A

ON: G700A, E542A 

Once one of these codes has been billed, ClinicAid will create a “Billing Opportunity” for your patient, outlining the next date on which the service codes can be billed again.

You can view these opportunities in your patient’s chart :

In Create Invoice:

And in the Billing opportunities Report:

Creating invoices for your “billing opportunity”:

You can directly bill your opportunities from your patient’s chart or in the Billing Opportunities Report. 

To do so click on . This will bring you to the create invoice section. The system will automatically populate the service date, service code and diagnostic code.

Once you have successfully billed the billing opportunity, it will clear from the Billing Opportunities report.