The Manage Invoices section is set with default columns.

These columns can be customized to what works best with your workflow.

On the left of your Manage Invoices section click on the gray “Columns” button. 

When you click on this button, you will get a new window (Configure Table) with the Visible columns and the Hidden columns.

The Visible columns are what the system defaults to. To add a new column, drag over the column you want from the hidden columns section ( ie: Chart Number), over to the Visible Columns section. 

You can configure your table in the order you want, if you need to rearrange all the columns, simply grab and drag the column name to have the section in the order you want them visible. 

Once you have selected the order you can click on “Apply to Current Tab” which will only update the tab you‘re on ie Requires Action, or select “Apply to All Tabs” which will update all the tabs under Manage Invoices section.

These changes are only saved as a user preference, so if multiple users have access to your ClinicAid account, only the user who has made these changes will have the changes.