• Current Billing Period:
    To check how many claims you have submitted this current billing period, go to the ClinicAid  "Admin" section in the left-hand menu and click on "Manage Subscription" (see screenshot):

    There you will see your "Current Period Line Items" listed (see screenshot):
    Please note: You can, also, change your subscription plan at any time in the “Manage Subscription" section by clicking on the blue "Change Subscription Plan" button.

  • Past Billing Period:
    To see how many lines items you have submitted on past billing periods, see your ClinicAid Statements automatically emailed monthly. If you would like us to resend statements, let us know!

  • BC and Alberta:
    For your information, we have included another option here, though the first option above is far simpler and faster!

    You can see how many lines you have submitted in the "Manage Invoices" section in the left-hand menu.
    - First, select the "All" tab and "Filter on sent date". 
    - Second, select “custom date range” from the drop-down menu in the top far right search box (it may be called “All Time” or “Last 12 weeks”). Set the start and end time to the billing period you are interested in, i.e. 2022-03-21 to 2022-04-21 and click the green "Go" button (see screenshot):

    The '"Total number of invoices" submitted during that billing period will show near the bottom left (see screenshot):

Note: this only works in BC and Alberta and not Ontario and Saskatchewan. 

In Ontario and Saskatchewan, you can submit multiple service codes on one invoice. ClinicAid does not count the number of service codes separately, but counts them as one invoice.