ClinicAid is set up with default settings for patient creation. You can set up your patient creation forms to fit your workflow. 


The Default Settings may look different by Province: 





To change these default settings: 

  1.  Go to Preferences
  2. Select Settings. (These changes will only affect the user who is making them.) 
  3. Click on Patient Quick Forms 


The Default (Primary) is for in Province Patients. And the Default OOP is for your out-of-province patient creation. 

Click on the Blue box with a pencil (Edit this form) and add or remove all the fields necessary, once completed click on"Update Quick From”. 


You can also create new Quick Patient forms: 

  1. Name the form 
  2. Click on “New Quick From” 
  3. Click on Edit to add fields. 
  4. Add all the fields necessary 
  5. Click on” Update Quick From”. 

Additional Resources:
How to create patients quickly in BC using the Auto-Populate feature and Patient Quick Forms