The Aged Based Service Code groups (including Telehealth) are now in ClinicAid!

These will calculate and autofill the correct age based service code based on the patient’s date of birth. This will speed up billing and eliminate possible error for you and your clinic, ensuring your doctors get paid on time with fewer rejections!

How to add Aged Based Service Code groups (Associated Codes) to your favorite service codes:

  1. Go to the “Preferences” section in the left-hand menu, and select “Service Codes”.

  2. In the “Create new service code group” box, type the name you wish to give the group (i.e. Telehealth) and click the green “Create New Group” button.

  3. Click the blue edit pencil icon  to the far right of your new group.

  4. Click on the blue “Regular Codes” toggle near the top right.

  5. It will slide to the right, and now say “Associated Codes” in grey.

  6. In the “Search for service codes” box, start to type in the service code group you are looking for. 

    Some commonly used age based service code groups are:

    Visit In Office
    Consultation In office
    Individual Counselling In Office
    Complete Examination In Office

    Telehealth GP Visit
    Telehealth GP Consultation
    Telehealth GP Individual Counselling

  1. Click on the green “+” sign next to the service code group you would like to add. This will move it to the list on the left. Click the blue “Update Group” button at the top to save.

  2. Go to the “Create Invoice” section and the new age based service code group will show up in your favourites list. Once you have selected the patient and click on the age based favourite group, it will autofill the correct code for you based on the patient's date of birth (age)!

To set up your account for faster billing, click here: Setting up your account for Fast Billing in ClinicAid. This video covers favorite service codes, diagnostic codes and default invoices.

If you work at more than one location, here are some options to speed up your billing as well: How do I bill if I work in multiple facilities?