To speed up billing, you can create default invoices (templates). These are preset invoices that are prefilled with information you want on the invoice. As an example, you can create default invoices for common combinations of health service and diagnostic codes you regularly bill, or you can create default invoices for each facility you work at.

To create a Default Invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Preferences” section in the left-hand menu, and select “Default Invoices”.

  2. In the “Create new default invoice form” box, type the name you wish to give the form and click the green “Create New Form” button to save.

  3. Click the blue edit pencil icon  to the far right of your new form.

  4. Enter the service code and diagnostic code. Click the black “Add” button to add the codes to the default invoice (if you wish to use a service code only with no diagnostic code, don’t click the ‘Add’ button, as you will need to add the diagnostic code later when creating invoices). Or if you wish, you can add information on the “Advanced” tab to include on the default invoice. 

When your default invoice is complete, click Save.

  1. You can ‘Set as primary’ (if you wish to always autofill your invoices with this information) or ‘share’ your default invoice with other colleagues.

  2. In the “Create Invoice” section, select the Default Invoice you wish to use from the drop-down menu near the top right (see screenshot in red).

    When you select the default invoice from the drop-down, it will overwrite your default details in your provider profile.

To set up your account for faster billing, click here: Setting up your account for Fast Billing in ClinicAid. This video covers favorite service codes, diagnostic codes and default invoices.

If you work at more than one location, here are some options to speed up your billing: How do I bill if I work in multiple facilities?