The functional center: (a) is blank or invalid or (b) is not appropriate for the service submitted or (c) does not exist for the facility submitted.


  • This is a really common rejection reason for doctors who are new to their own billing, as commonly they’re not even sure what their functional centre is. Hospital in-patients will commonly be MED, surgical will be SURG, surgical suite is SGSU, etc. If there is any doubt about your functional centre it is usually best to contact an administrator at your facility who should be able to point you in the right direction. 

  • You can also obtain your functional centre directly from Alberta Facility Registration at  health.pracforms@gov.ab.ca or 780.422.1522 (please note that the Ministry may not be answering their phone lines due to covid and may be requesting inquiries via email). 

  • You can also check the Alberta Health Facility and Functional Centre Listing for your facilities functional centres.

  • Enter your functional centre on the ‘Advanced’ tab of your invoice in the ‘Functional Centre’ box. This is a searchable field. 

  • You can also enter your functional centre permanently into your provider profile, so it will print on all of your new invoices going forward. To do so, go to the ClinicAid “Admin” in the left-hand menu, under “Providers” and click the blue pencil icon to the far right of the provider profile you wish to edit. The ‘Functional’ Centre box is a searchable field. Click “Update Provider” to save.



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