The facility number is invalid or blank.


  • A Facility number must be sent along with the invoice, unless the location is marked as HOME or OTHER. Your default/most common facility should be added to your provider record, along with the functional centre you work at within the facility.  A couple of handy tricks to handle multiple locations would be to create multiple provider records, one for each location. The benefit of this is it makes your reporting by location a snap. Just filter by provider record and get accurate invoice and revenue reporting by location. Another method if the extra layer of reporting isn’t as important would be to set up default invoices (invoice templates) with the facility numbers. When you select the default invoice from the drop-down, it will overwrite all of your default details.

  • Enter your facility number on the ‘Advanced’ tab of your invoice in the ‘Facility Number’ box. This is a searchable field by facility name or facility number.

  • You can also enter your facility number in your provider profile permanently, so it will print on all of your new invoices going forward. 

To do so, go to the ClinicAid “Admin” in the left-hand menu, under “Providers” and click the blue pencil icon to the far right of the provider profile you wish to edit. The ‘Facility Number’ box is a searchable field by facility name or number.

  • If you are unsure of your facility number, you can check with your facility administration or contact Alberta Facility Registration directly at  health.pracforms@gov.ab.ca or 780.422.1522 (please note that the Ministry may not be answering their phone lines due to covid and may be requesting inquiries via email). You can also check the Alberta Health Facility and Functional Centre Listing.




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