Visit Locations in Ontario are listed in the following way: 

  • By the facility Type (2 letters)
  • The City in which it's located
  • The Master Number (in brackets)
  • The Location Name


A legend of the facility types is provided below to aid you in choosing the appropriate one for your invoicing.


A1Antigen Testing Data Collection
ACTherapeutic Abortion Clinics
ALAlternate Payments Program
AMAmbulatory Care
APAcute Care Treatment Hospital with Mental Health Unit
ASAmbulance Services
ATAcute Care Treatment Hospital without Mental Health Unit
B1Bed Capacity Planning Tool
C9Access/Assessment Centres
CAChildren's Aid Society
CCCorrectional Centre
CMChildren's Mental Health Centre
COCommunity Health Centre
CPCommunity Psych. Hosp. and Units of Hosp.
CRChronic Care Treatment Hospital and Units of Hospital (Complex Continuing Care)
DMDomiciliary Care Treatment Unit of Hospital
DSDay Surgery
DTDetoxification Centre
FPFamily Planning Unit
GRGeneral Rehabilitation Hospital and Units of Hospital
H9H9 - COVID19 LTCH/RH Data Collection
HCHome Care Program (Community Care Access Centres)
HFHome for the Aged
HLPublic Health Laboratory
HOHealth Organization
HUPublic Health Unit
I9COVID19 Inpatient Admission
IFIndependent Facilities
INMinistry of Health Internally Used Classification
L9LTCH Base Information
LILaw Enforcement
LTInterim Long Term Care
MCUnknown MC
MHMental Health Unit
MPMiscellaneous Mental Health Sites
NHNursing Home (Long Term Care Beds)
NSNursing Station
OPOntario Psychiatric Hospitals
P5Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
PRApproved Private Radiological Facilities
PSProvider Services
PTPhysiotherapist (including Physiotherapy Centres)
R9COVID-19 LTCH/RH Data Collection
RTRehabilitation Treatment Centre (Children's Treatment Centre)
S1Community COVID Testing
S9COVID19 Health Human Resources (HHR)
SFSchedule I and II Facilities
SHSupportive Housing
SOHealth Service Organization (Family Health Organization)
SRSpecial Rehabilitation Hospital & Units of Hospitals
SSSpecial Schools
TCTreatment Centre - Addiction (only for the Northern Health Travel Grant Program)
TMTemporary Long Term Care
V1V1 - COVID-19 Vaccination Data Collection LTCHs